Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Grand Canyon Go-Karts in Williams, Az!


The weather will slowly be starting to cool down here in Arizona, which means it will be time to start many outdoor adventures again without worrying about melting in the heat. I will be starting to share some great outdoor activities again to enjoy while the weather is nice & today I have a short and sweet review on spot for you. We recently visited the Grand Canyon Go-Kart track located in Williams, Arizona on a day trip we spent together. Earlier this month we decided to beat the warmer weather in Phoenix by heading up north to check out a few family friendly spots. This was the second stop of our day & everyone had a great time. 

It is easy to locate directly off of the freeway & is located a short distance away from lodging, food and other tourist attractions to visit. It is located at 1000 Circle Pines Rd. Williams, AZ 86046 they are open Thursday to Sunday. Rides are $15 for single riders or $17 if you will have a child in the kart with you. It is slightly more expensive than other kart spots we've been to, but I chalk that up to it being in a high tourist area. They will provide you with the gear you'll need to ride & they have both indoor and outdoor seating areas for those who would prefer to watch. Inside there is also a few arcade games, ice cream for sale and a bathroom. During our visit there were only two maybe three other families visiting so getting into the helmets and out onto the track didn't take long. You'll be able to be on the track for a decent amount of time before having to head back in. The staff was friendly/helpful and the property was well taken care of. They have punch cards so you can get points for each ride you purchase then after ten rides you'll get a free one. 

With a few of the other attractions in the area, you can make a fantastic day out with the family or your can book a hotel stay to make a weekend out of it. We've been to Williams several times & always enjoy visiting. In the past I have written a review of the one of the KOA's up there along with Bearizona, plus I will have some new spots soon! This was not a sponsored post, we paid for our experience ourselves, I just like sharing spots like this with fellow Arizona residents & fellow travelers looking for new areas to explore. 

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Monday, September 18, 2023

Az Staycation at SpringHills Suites.


Recently my mom, my daughter & I decided to have a girl's staycation to have a day where just the three of us could spend together. We wanted to find a hotel that was near some of the spots we wanted to visit, didn't break the budget, had a pool & possibly had breakfast included. I ended up finding a great deal on a room that was perfect for the three of us at a hotel called SpringHill Suites Scottsdale North. This post is not sponsored, we paid for this ourselves, I just wanted to share this great hotel with others in our area or even anyone traveling to Scottsdale/Phoenix that is looking for an affordable hotel. It is located in North Scottsdale just south of Scottsdale Road & the 101 freeway.

The room included two queen sized beds along with a sleeper sofa. The hotel room had quite a bit of space; it was essentially two rooms along with a bathroom & vanity space. The first half of the room contained a small office space + kitchen nook which had a desk, desk chair, mini fridge, microwave and coffee pot, it also had the 'living room' area where the sleeper sofa was located plus a ottoman & big screen TV. The back half of the room contained both the queen-sized beds, a closet area to hang up clothing + a safe and another big screen TV. In addition, there was the vanity area plus the bathroom that was spacious with a large step in shower. 

The shower was nice, it had a multifunction shower head. This hotel aims to be more eco-friendly so instead of having small travel sized toiletries in the bathroom they have shampoo, conditioner & body wash secured to the shower wall which get refilled after guests have visited. I really liked the scent of the body wash it was a mixture of lavender and eucalyptus. The only thing I didn't like about the shower was the weird metal bar they had as a drain, it made such an odd sound when the water hit it and you could hear it in the room itself when someone was in the shower. The beds were comfortable as was the sofa and sofa bed, the room in general was very relaxing & no one felt cramped. We even had a friend of mine stop by and when she was there everyone had plenty of space and somewhere to sit. 

I also liked that the pool was open late (until 11pm) as we were able to relax for a little while after having dinner before getting in the pool. The pool was quiet, when we went down there was only one other family who was in the hot tub at the time. The other family left after a little while, so we had the pool and hot tub to ourselves. The pool area was nice, it was well kept & had plenty of chairs and tables for everyone. I wouldn't consider their pool towels actual pool towels though, they didn't have any out at the pool so we asked the front desk for three pool towels. We were provided with two towels that were smaller than the towels in the bathroom of our room & one hand towel. 

The breakfast they offered was great, they had a wide selection to choose from which included an oatmeal bar, build your own waffle, cereal, bagels and more. It was filling & everything was fantastic. Both our check in & check out went quickly and smooth. So how much did a night run? I found a deal to get the room for $98 per night, with taxes along with a parking pass (they require you to buy one to park on the property) the room came to about $120. Considering you save a decent amount of $$ by not buying breakfast for everyone in the room, that isn't a bad deal. We also liked that it was close to shopping plus a variety of restaurants along with fun things to do. 

🌡 If you live in Arizona check out the "Things to do in Arizona" section of my blog to find entertainment, restaurants, vacation spots & more. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Dice Manor - A game for dice lovers!

If you love dice rolling games than Dice Manor from Arcane Wonders is a board game, you need in your collection. This game is for two to four players, which can be played over the course of thirty to forty-five minutes and is recommended for ages 14+. After you've read through the rules, the game is very simple to play. It is family friendly & is great for adults as well, it can be purchased for $44.99.

During game play you will compete to bid on rooms which will then be used to build the best manor possible. The game mostly relies on the luck of the roll, each time you roll the dice you will select one of the numbers you rolled & use it as a bid. For example if you roll five die and three of them show "four", one shows "one" and another shows "six", and there is no current bid on the room attached to the four slot you will want to take your three dice that show "four" and place them in the bid slot. 

Everyone will take turns rolling & placing dice until there are no dice left to be rolled. At that point the current round is over & you can see who won each room. The person who bids the most dice wins that room, if there is a tie the person who reached that number of dice first wins. Everyone will then add their newly won rooms to their manors and the next round will begin. 

There are four turns in total before the final round that has no bidding. During the first four rounds, the aim is to not only collect rooms, but you will try to earn extra dice and end game points as well. The final round will only consist of what they call a "manor tour", instead of placing your dice out as bids, you will place them in your manor. The game can get pretty competitive, but it is a blast to play! I can't really pick just one aspect of the game that we enjoy the most, because all of the components are fantastic. Rolling the dice is a thrill as you never know what you'll end up with, trying to race to the good rooms first is exhilarating and deciding how to place your rooms together is lovely as well. This is a great option for when you want a short board game session. 

Does this seem like a game you would enjoy playing? Based off of the looks, what is your favorite part of the game?

🎲 If you love board games or are wanting to get into board games but aren't sure where to start, check out some of my other board game reviews! You might find a few you want for your collection.

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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Haunted Fishbowl Giveaway!


Every year Target has some fantastic Halloween decorations in their Hyde & Eek line. Last year I spotted the Animated fishbowl & kind of wanted it but didn't get it. This year they have it again & I debated getting it, but ultimately decided to grab one. I posted a short clip of it over on Tiktok & I am not the only one who loves the little skeleton fish, but sadly a lot of people commenting on the video can't find it in stock. It has completely sold out online & it sells out very fast in stores, I checked online & it showed only three Targets within 50 miles of me had a single one in stock. A lot of the fish bowls that are sold end up online at twice the price (or more). I feel bad seeing how many people couldn't find one near them so I promised if I found another one, I would scoop it up to giveaway. Well, I found another one, so here is the giveaway!!!!

I decided to host it here on my blog, mainly because it will be easier to collect the entries & pick a winner since the giveaway platform, I use picks the winner for me. I will include a small break down of how to enter using the form below if you've never used it before plus the rest of the information you need. The form is actually very simple to use & it shouldn't take that long for you to claim any entries you'd like to opt into. For example, you can gain 5 entries for following me on Tiktok & another 5 for following me on Instagram. So just a few minutes of work & you are entered to win this awesome Haunted fish bowl.

If you've never visited my blog before, you should stick around! I host giveaways quite often. At the moment I have a giveaway up for a beauty prize pack (click the link to enter) - This is actually a giveaway I host once a month. Next month's Beauty & The Book Giveaway will be Halloween themed, I'll include makeup, skincare and a few Halloween decor products. I also host giveaways for tickets to Arizona events, boardgames and more. 

The fishbowl can be found at Target for $35, as mentioned though they sell out very quickly - However don't give up hope and keep searching for if your store restocks. It has a setting where it will only turn on if you push the button or you can switch it to the noise activated mode.

How to use Rafflecopter -

1. Hit "Use your email" - Enter your name + email.
2. Fill out as many entries as you'd like! For example if you follow me on Instagram or Tikok you will enter your username in the "info" field then hit enter. I ask for your username so I can verify your entry is valid. 
3. Wait for the giveaway to end & a winner to be announced! 
4. If you have any issues or need help, feel free to reach out to me.

A few notes:

πŸ‘» This giveaway is being hosted/sponsored by ME - I paid for the fishbowl & will pay for shipping to the winner within the US.

πŸ‘» If you are outside of the US & would like to enter, you can however you will need to pay for the shipping. 

πŸ‘» The giveaway will run for TWO weeks. 

πŸ‘» You can earn as few or as many entries as you would like.

πŸ‘» The winner will be announced on my Facebook page & Tiktok, I will Email you to let you know you won - I will also reach out on social media. 

This giveaway ends on 09/24/2023

Thank you for visiting & good luck to everyone entering! Hopefully this is easy enough for everyone to enter, and if you need anything feel free to reach out to me. I can be found on Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and Tiktok all under the same name as my blog - The Moonlit Nook.

❤ Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite costume you've worn is!

You can complete as many entries as you want, there are several one-time activities and daily activities that can earn you more entries into the giveaway. Be sure to keep an eye on my site & social media pages for more giveaways headed your way.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Loving the mini vintage radio speaker from Muzen Audio!

Sometimes when I clean, I like throwing on my Pandora playlist & turning it up loud, it makes the work more fun, and it seems to go by faster. I had a small speaker that connected with an aux cable to my phone, but it is pretty old now and is starting to go out. So, I was very excited when I was offered a chance to review a wireless portable speaker from Muzen Audio. One of the speaker lines they offer look like miniature versions of vintage radios. They have other models as well, But I couldn't resist going with the vintage look, there are two different options you can select from; you can go with a metal radio or a wood radio. I went with the metal radio & requested it in the color black to fit our home decor.

The OTR Metal Wireless portable bluetooth speaker normally has a price point of $139.99 however at the time of writing this (9/9/23), it looks like they are having a 31% off sale. This speaker is three-in-one, you can connect to it via bluetooth, via aux cable or use the radio since this is an actual radio as well. I know the speaker is made out of metal, but it is a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be. Although that is a good thing in my opinion though as it means it will be sturdy & more likely to not be knocked over easily. 

The packaging for this speaker made me so happy to unbox! You will receive a tied-up cloth bag inside of a gift bag that says, "Let's Rock & Road" and features a vintage VW bus. Inside of the bag you'll find a miniature version of a vintage luggage bag that contains the speaker, I am going to 100% be re-using the little luggage for something even if it is just to look at. Upon opening the luggage, you will find your new speaker, a charging cord, an aux cord, a plug-in antenna, a user guide & some free stickers. I think everything was packaged beautifully & it kept the speaker safe during its travels. When it is not in use or charging, I have actually been using the luggage case to store the speaker. 

The antenna isn't required to be plugged in to listen to the radio, but it will definitely help. I can easily find all of my favorite local radio stations, the dial is fun to use. I do wish it went up slightly louder, but it gets the job done. I like that it doesn't take up a lot of space and it is easy to bring with me on trips. 

What color speaker would you want to get?

Disclaimer- The product mentioned above was provided by Muzen Audio or the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

September Beauty & The Book Giveaway!


September is here! That means it is almost time for the temperatures to start dropping. I can't wait, I love when it starts to get chilly out so I am very much looking forward to fall/winter. August went by semi-quickly for us, it was the kids first month back in school and we are starting to get out to do more again. Over the weekend we took a day trip to Northern Arizona to explore a few fun places that I'll be sharing here on my blog sometime over the next month. I will also have some other great reviews & working on some giveaways as well to share with all of my followers. Speaking of giveaways, I know that is why, you are visiting this page so let's dive into this month's giveaway. 

If you aren't familiar with my Beauty & The Book Giveaway, each month I combined two of my favorite things - Books & Makeup! I pick out a book that catches my eye and put together an assortment of makeup, skincare goods and sometimes other items like jewelry or dΓ©cor into a bundle that one lucky winner will win. Please remember to check your inbox & spam folders of the email address you use to enter this giveaway, I will be emailing you to congratulate you & collect mailing info from burningmoonproducts AT - I generally give an extra day or two past the deadline however if you do not respond within a week you forfeit the prize to the next name drawn. 

Here is what is included in this month's bundle.

★ Soft cover copy of "A Dangerous Breed"
★ L.A Girl Neons palette
★ Natasha Denona single eyeshadow
★ Ioni Eyeliner Pen in Black
★ Cessy Charm Cosmetics Eyeliner Pen in Black
★ Cessy Charm Cosmetics lipstick
★ Origins Clay Face Mask
★ Neutogena Face Mask
★ Some By Mi Face Mask
★ Azure Under Eye Mask
★ Silicone makeup applicator
★ Moroccanoil protection spray
★ Wave+Curl Cream
★ Revlon Lipstick
★ Revlon Cloud lip color
★ Cetaphil Travel Lotion
★ Blue Mermaid Nail Stickers
★ 111Skin travel moisturizer

This is open World Wide! Please remember if you DO NOT leave a comment on this blog post as your mandatory entry into the giveaway then all of your entries will be void. Doing the Daily entries will increase your chance of winning. Winners have 72 hours to respond to the notification email! This giveaway is hosted by ME.

This giveaway ends on 10/02/2023

Giveaway entry question: Leave a comment answering at least one of these questions.

Which item in this bundle are you most excited about?
What is something you are looking forward to this month?
What is your favorite makeup brand?

You can complete as many entries as you want, there are several one-time activities and daily activities that can earn you more entries into the giveaway. Be sure to keep an eye on my site & social media pages for more giveaways headed your way.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Explore the world through snacks with Try The World!


If you are someone who enjoys trying new snacks & treats from other countries, then you should look into a subscription box called Try The World. Every month they send out a box that contains snacks from all around the world. I was recently gifted a box to test out with my family & review here on my blog. Our box contained seven different products, six of which were food and the seventh was a drink. We had a lot of fun trying the different products together, only one of them was a product we have tried before otherwise everything was brand new to us. 

The two products that were loved by all four of us, were the Kiki Tutti Frutti which is a popular candy in Serbia & Croatia, it is also the candy that we had already tried before. The second product was the Tottis Oregano chips which are from Greece, they were so delicious & completely full of flavor. I also really liked the Sesame Snack; I've tried something similar but not from this brand. It is primarily made from sesame seeds and honey which is then shaped into a snack shaped bar, I enjoy the flavor combo although I cannot eat more than one bar at a time. 

From there the rest of the box was a little divided on who liked each product and who didn't. My daughter really enjoyed the Smoki original fresh baked peanuts & the Jowar Puffs. My son liked the Howar puffs as well, so both of my kids slowly finished the bag of puffs themselves. Sadly, none of us liked the drink or the mushroom chips though. I am really the only one who likes mushrooms, but they have to be cooked just right. The soda/drink was a sour flavor, we didn't really like it as it had kind of a bitter taste to it that is hard to describe. Overall, we were pretty happy with the box we received; it was fun trying some new snacks even if we didn't end up liking them. The snacks were big enough we were each able to try them and still have some left over. 

There are three different sized boxes you can purchase that each have their own price point. There is the 7-8 snack box for $35 a month, 10-14 snacks for $45 a month or 16-20 snacks for $55 a month. If you subscribe for longer than a month you can get those prices lowered. After selecting your plan & how frequently you would like to receive a box, they do give you the option to select countries you'd like to try snacks from. You can choose as many or as few as you'd like, however if you do with a smaller selection, they cannot always guarantee that all your products for the month will come from that country. You can use code themoonlitnook0823 to get $10 OFF of your order. 

Disclaimer- The product mentioned above was provided by Try The World for the review free of charge no other compensation was provided. However, no product compensation will influence the outcome of any review. My honest opinions are used in all reviews, they are solely my own & they may vary from others. My reviews are posted for readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase.